Ki contact

Ki_Contact, a word that originates from the union of the Japanese principle Ki (inner energy or vital creative breath) and the Western term Contact (from the famous dance practice), is a research process inspired by the Jo, a wooden stick commonly used in martial arts and adopted as a pedagogical tool by dancers.

During the workshop a series of exercises will be proposed, carried out alone, in pairs, or in groups:

- techniques for handling the Jo in the various axes of rotation in space

- projection and immobilization techniques

- attack and defense techniques, coming from Jo Dori.

Through a series of propaedeutic exercises, the fundamental elements of contact dance will also be investigated: passage, weight and counterweight, change of direction or dynamics, limits and possibilities of the joints, the flexibility of the body, reflexes, various improvisation, and game exercises.

These technicals elements will be introduced in the initial phase of the workshop through a role play, which will determine who will do what and when. As soon as the movements and roles are clearer to the participants, the practice, initially more mechanical, will acquire greater freedom and become at the same time more complex, unpredictable, and therefore fun.

Summer intensive - Portugal 2019
Summer intensive - Portugal 2019

Training programme        Charleroi danse bruxelles

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