Andrea Valfrè graduated in Movement Sciences with a degree as a Zen Shiatsu operator from the Zen monastery "Il Cerchio" Milan. What is Shiatsu: It is a discipline of Japanese origin that has its roots in traditional Chinese forms of manipulation and massage. The style of Shiatsu "Masunaga" was widespread in the West in the '80s, it aims at a general rebalancing of the functions of the organism, whose lack would be, according to the master, the primary cause of the pathologies. The attention during treatment is therefore shifted from symptoms to causes. The operator, through intuition, sensitivity, and knowledge of the anatomy and theory of energy meridians, performs sometimes delicate and sometimes more intense pressures on the energy points, through listening to the client's breath, diagnoses the effect of the manipulation, thus detecting blockages and energy stagnations that we call "contractures". Through an appropriate massage or treatment, it is possible to relieve the pain, release these contractures, and improve the mobility of the joints, rebalance "energy" and therefore relax and recharge. The pressure on the points is carried out with: thumbs, palms, elbows, stimulating well-being on all levels (psychic, emotional, physical). Shiatsu should not be considered therapy, traditionally and still today it is practiced for preventive purposes.

Degree in Zen Shiatsu - Monastero Zen "IL CERCHIO" Milano 2009

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